Lying down

Ha ha!

I was feeling a bit grumpy, because the vet came and jabbed me with nasty sharp things yesterday, but this morning I'm much happier: Bugface has started being naughty and going in the wrong part of the field again, and when he did it this morning my human just put one of the nasty hats on and left him there. He's got tasty grass all around him, and he can't eat any of it!

I know how to get the nasty hats off, but I'm not going to tell him because he's mean.
Lying down


That's what it is around here lately: horrible.

Bugface is still here, and he's being really nasty. He won't even let me go to the gate when my human comes to take me in for my dinner! She has to shout at him to leave me along every night, and then she still gives him treats.

Yesterday, they took me out with him for a hack, which was very unfair on the baby, who got left all alone and was very worried when he wasn't being distracted by eating the grass. Bugface walks too fast, and I didn't get to have my human ride me, so it was all very unsatisfactory. Today, I ache a bit from going up the hills, but not as much as Bugface: he's so useless that he can't even go for a little hack without complaining that it's too hard. And he gets really out of breath when he canters in the school, not like me.

The humans really should get rid of him, he's just useless. He's even scared of the baby sheep that have suddenly appeared!
Lying down

Bad pony!

I'm absolutely sure that they're going to get rid of Bugface now! After yesterday when he kept going on the wrong side of the fence, they must have been really annoyed, and today was just the last straw!

I agreed to let my human's human ride me this morning, because he does need someone to show him what he's supposed to be doing. My human was riding Bugface, and as soon as she got on him he started jumping up in the air in a very ill-mannered way: there wasn't anything scary happening, or anything like that, he was just being rude. It was particularly rude to not even wait until he had both of her feet in the stirrups before he started!

My human did very well, though: I watched her, and she stayed on him for quite a long time before she fell off. Rudely, he then carried on running around the place instead of stopping to check that she was ok and lettig himself be caught! I, naturally, was very good: I stood nice and still so that the human wouldn't be scared, and just moved out of the way a bit when Bugface got too close.

He did stop eventually, though, and after we'd done our work they put us into the field with the Baby. Bugface stayed with us for a little while, but as soon as the humans were out of sight he went under the fence into the bottom of the field and then jumped into the bit he's not supposed to be in. He got a bit tangled up in the zappy stuff when he did, though, and he was a bit scared to try it again after they came and moved him back to where he should be: serves him right!

They're sure to send him away again now though, don't you think?
Lying down

Poor tummy

Yesterday, I have a very sore tummy. The humans did that mean thing that they do whenever I have a sore tummy, where they make me walk around in circles for no reason, and won't let me have a lie down to rest.

After a little while, the vet came to see me and poked me with a nasty sharp thing. I felt much better after that, though, even though everything was a bit wobbly and standing up was harder than usual. My human gave me lots of snuggles and then took me back to my stable for a lie down.

I heard my human say that it's because I'd not been in the field for a few days, but I'm sure it was really stress from having that nasty bullying Bugeyes hanging around all the time. And even if it is because I haven't been able to go in the field, that's still his fault, with his silly shoes and running around turning the nice grass into nasty mud.

We did go into the field today, at least, and there was nice fresh grass. The baby and I were quite happily eating when Bugeyes walked off under the fence and into a different part of the field! It was very rude of him, particularly because that's the grass that my human is saving for me to have later. They humans were quite annoyed, and came out and put him back in the right place several time, and changed the fence and everything, but in the end they gave up. Maybe that means that they'll send him away again?

The baby was particularly stupid about it, because he couldn't understand how Bugeyes got from one side of the fence to the other. Obviously, I know exactly how he did it and figured out how to do it years ago, I just choose not to be so rude to the humans.
Lying down

Now he's in my field!

Today, they've put bugeyes in the field with me and the baby. It's been very tiring, because I have to make sure that bugeyes doesn't get close enough to attack the baby, so I keep having to run around to make sure I'm in between them.

I know that he would attack the baby because yesterday we were in the stableyard and he kicked me, really hard on the bum! All I'd done was bite him to make sure he knows that I'm in charge, and he kicked me! He's got no manners at all.
Lying down


This morning was very bad. The humans brushed us all, and then my human took me up to the field, which I thought was suspicious. When the baby didn't come right up after me, I shouted for him but he still didn't come. Then the humans tacked up the baby and bugeyes and rode away on them!

I was very annoyed, and I shouted just as loud as I could for them to come back, but it was ages and ages before they came back. I was so worried that I couldn't even eat the new grass that had appeared.

I hope that they don't do that again.
Lying down

Completely unacceptable

He's still here. I'm not at all happy. This morning, he even got given his breakfast before I got mine.

And he looks funny. He's got really weird eyes. I think I'm going to call him Bugeyes.

I had decided that I would just ignore him until he realised that no one wants him here and went away again, but then something happened to make me really annoyed. Just before dinner time, the humans came out with saddles but instead of getting me and the baby, like they usually do, they got the baby and Bugeyes! I stomped about and shouted a bit, but my human just ignored me and started getting ready to ride Bugeyes. I did laugh a bit when he got scared by an invisible thing and broke his bridle in half, until I realised that it wasn't even his bridle, it was mine! It was my nice bridle that I only wear when my human dresses up in her funny clothes and puts the funny saddle on me, and not only did he steal it without permission but then he broke it!

When the humans had finished riding, my human came and got me from the field. I was going to tell him off, but she wouldn't let me. I'll get him, though. Maybe I can wait until a day when the fence isn't zappy and smash through it or something. He's been eating my special treats as well. It's just not on.
Lying down

An outrage!

This has not been a good day. It's been such a bad day that even the terrible, terrible internet connection won't stop me from telling the whole world about it, so that they make my human realise how horrible she is.

It started off normally enough, and by mid-morning I was happily eating the new grass that my human made appear for me in the field (she does this for me every few days. I wish she'd do it every day, though), and then one of the human's funny moving boxes turned up, and a few minutes later a strange horse got out of it and came to my riding school.

I was quite offended by that: he didn't even ask for permission, just went straight in there with his humans and made himself at home in my riding school.

Even worse, my human started riding on him! I was very outraged by that, so I went up to the top of the field to make sure that my displeasure was visible. The stupid baby was hanging around near the gate, trying to see what was going on, but he is only a stupid baby and it wasn't like it was his human riding a stranger, was it?

After a bit, though, my human got off the stranger and the baby's human got on it. I laughed at that, becuase it served the baby right. Then another human, who belongs to the silly horse over the road and carries a very small human around with her, started riding the stranger: it was all very confusing. I stayed in the field, being distainful on general principles, even when my human came in, but she just made me go in the school with the stranger, and ride around with him! The baby didn't like that very much, because he was all on his own, but she didn't ride me for long and soon I could go back to the field while the baby's human rode the stranger away down the road. I was very pleased to see that, but after a little while they turned around and came back.

What happened next was even worse, though. They put the strange horse in my field! It's mine, and they just let that other horse use it! They even put a zappy fence in between us so that I couldn't go and tell him off for eating my grass! I thought that that was the worst that it could possibly get, but then it got to be dinner time and you'll never guess what happened. The humans came out to the field like they usually do, but instead of taking me in out of the rain to eat my dinner they took the stranger instead, and put him into one of my stables! Now, admittedly, it's not one that I actually use for anything, but it's still mine and he didn't ask or anything! I'm sure that they gave him some of my hay, as well. The baby thinks that they gave the stranger one of his rugs, as well, but they don't fit me so I don't care about that too much.

By this time, even the baby had realised what an outrage it was: we both went to the top of the field, and agreed that we were going to stay there whatever the humans did, so that they would have to walk all the way up the hill to get us. We agreed that that would be a very effective way of protesting the terrible treatment that we've had today. Of course, I should have known better than to rely on the stupid baby to help me protest against injustice: as soon as the humans shouted for him, he went galloping down the hill, so I had to hurry after him to make sure that he didn't get too many of my treats....
In the field

What a horrible dream!

You know how sometimes you're having a dream, and it all seems so perfectly normal that you think you must be awake, but then it all goes horrible so that you know it can't really be happening?

I had one of those. I dreamed that my human came to see me in the morning, just like normal, and she gave me treats and brushed me and then took me to the riding school and we started our warm-up, just like usual, but then it all went horribly wrong!

She got off me much sooner than usual, and just as I started to think that it would be a really good day where I got to eat grass for longer she took me back to the mounting block and a strange person got on me, really slowly. I remember the people who used to get on me really slowly. It was never a good sign. Then my human made me walk around in circles with the strange human on my back, and the strange human wobbled around a bit and didn't hold the reins properly, and it was really really horrible, just like what I used to have to do when I lived in my old home, before my human took me to the place with the grass. That was when I knew I was just having a bad dream, because that doesn't happen any more.

It got even worse: after the wobbly human got off me, another one got on, even more slowly! It was terrible. I'm so glad that it was just a dream, and that I don't have to do that sort of thing any more.

My human must have realised that I had a bad dream, though, because today I got the day off, which was nice (even if it did rain). My human did a very silly thing, too: she forgot to close the gate, so that we could sneak out and eat the really tasty grass that normally she just makes us walk straight over. That was a very good thing, and almost entirely made up for the bad dream.

I was still feeling a bit grumpy, though, so when we were coming in for our dinner I chased the nasty smelly dog that keeps following my human around and gave her a bite. I don't think that the human noticed, though, because she didn't tell me off. Ha! Take that, smelly dog!
Lying down


My human did a very mean thing today: she set the vet on me without being there to give me snuggles.

My nose has been a bit sore and itchy for a little while now, and the other night I was having a nice scratch in my stable when it went splat and some stuff came out. It was even more sore afterwards, particularly because my human kept poking it and putting hot water in it, but it wasn't too bad: I'm a very brave horse, so I didn't mind.

Today, though, her human came to get me in from the field at completely the wrong time of day. I wasn't very happy about it, even when he brought the baby in as well to keep me company. I should have realised that it was a Bad Thing, especially when a vet-smelling human came to see me.

She poked my nose even more, and stuck things in it, but I was very well behaved and brave until she started trying to stick a big needle in me, which I didn't like at all. Fortunately, she went away soon after that, and I got to go back into the field for some more grass.

My human did come back eventually, and she gave me carrots, but I still think that it was very mean of her to not be there to make sure that the vet was nice to me. I bet that she wouldn't have let the vet stick that nasty needle in my neck!